ProMelt Cable electric snow melting solutions provide a flexible option for melting snow and ice on curves, stairs, and free-form areas. They are easily installed for use with concrete, pavers, asphalt or tile.

  • Easily attach ProMelt Cables to rebar or rewire with ties.
  • Secure to existing concrete with CableStrap™ for patio heating applications.
  • Cable is spaced at 3" OC for 50 Watts/ft2 and output or 4" OC for 38 Watts/ft2.
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We have many control options for our outdoor snow-melting products. The PM-2C all-in-one control includes a snow sensor on the top-facing side.


ProMelt ContactorPro Panels

ProMelt electric snow melting accessories assist with the installation of ProMelt mats and cables. Control systems of any size with a compatible ProMelt Control.